Thee Mount Moriah Baptist Church

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Welcome to Thee Mount Moriah Baptist Church

Serving the People of God With His Guidance and Grace

Thee Mount Moriah Baptist Church offers you a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. It is our passion to seek the Word of God and serve His people. Visit us in Milford, Texas and take part in our services and other activities. We service the congregation in Ellis County.

Church History

In 1898, the church was established on the Old Hamrock Road. The land where the church is setting now was purchased in 1903, and a building was placed on it in 1904. The present building was built in 1917 but was not completed until 1918 under the leadership of Rev. Mooney. Some of the pastors who served at Mt. Moriah after Rev. Mooney include the following:

  • Rev. G. W. Burton
  • Rev. J. J. Thompson
  • Rev. N. A. Harrison
  • Rev. W. McPhearson
  • Rev. Z. R. Figures

  • Rev. Green
  • Rev. Gee
  • Rev R. J. Watson
  • Rev. R. P. Walker
  • Rev. Bradford

  • Rev. McGlover
  • Rev. W. F. Moore
  • Rev. W. D. Quarrels
  • Rev. Davis

In 1961, Mt. Moriah was without pastoral leadership. Bro. Burnice Terrell, chairman of the Deacon Board, contacted the moderator of the Greater Rising Star District Association concerning the pulpit vacancy. The Lord sent to us Rev. and Mrs. M.B. Chambers. Under his leadership, many cosmetic changes were made in the sanctuary, including additions and remodeling. Many souls were brought into the Kingdom, and several out-of-state fellowships were established.

Rev. Chambers resigned in January of 1989 after twenty-seven years of faithful service. Rev. Nimr Mahdi succeeded him and served as pastor from June of 1989 to August of 1992. In October of 1992, Rev. Ralph Whitehead accepted the call to Mt. Moriah. He led the church into the new millennium, stressing the importance of putting God first. He served as pastor until April 2005.

In July 2005 Rev. Alphonza Scott became the under shepherd, and with zeal has motivated the membership to stretch mind, body, and soul to the edifying of each other and glorifying of God.

On August 23, 2015, Reverend James Keith accepted the call to Mount Moriah. Pastor Keith is honored and humbled to be God’s choice to serve this season in the life of Thee Mount Moriah Baptist Church. He is delighted to serve this waiting congregation with God’s guidance and grace for many years to come. To God Be the Glory for all the great things He has done.